Research shows that tapping into your life passions can lead to happiness.

When I was a child, I would play with my friends and the game that we played most often was “War”. This was during the “Cold War” and the threat of a Russian invasion (red dawn) or nuclear war was always in our mind. So, playing war seemed natural.

As I grew up, I played sports and was a Cub and Boy Scout. All trained in a masculine manner with a military-ish leadership style. Almost every adult I knew was a veteran of the Korean War or the Vietnam Conflict. So again, it wasn’t much of a surprise that when I graduated from High School, I joined the Marine Corps.

I loved my time in the USMC. But after 4 years I thought I would get out and start a real job. I was married and had my first child. So, I thought it was time to move on. I became a Police Officer in a small town. The politics of police work were not for me. So, after much debate and soul searching and debate with my wife, we agreed that going back into the Military was the right answer. I found I was lacking passion and purpose. I spent the next 21 years serving this great nation and defending our beliefs across the globe. Then it was time to retire.

After retiring with 25 years of service: what do you do with the rest of your life? I went to work at a big box store as Assistant Store Manager. I excelled. During my tour of duty there, I expanded the growth of the store within a year. And still, I was empty inside. I was recruited by a retired military member into another business that employed many veterans. This was great at first. Having people around you that could relate to you and that you could tell stories that no one else could understand. But there was no passion for the work or the mission. My physical and mental health started to decline. I started to eat more and more. I was not happy, and my home life suffered as well. I needed to find my “why” again.

A good friend brought up an idea that he had for a business to me one day at work. I fell in love. We dove into the process and I started to feel that drive again. My motivation started to return. Then the most amazing thing happened. We had our first client. She signed up, paid for, then attended our course. After the course, she told me how much it meant to her. That she would have never taken a group class. She asked questions and we spent extra time on parts of the class that she needed additional time on. It brought the fire back to me.

This is what Noble Self Defense is all about. Our instructors are owners. They are passionate about training and safety. We are not about guns and gun training, we care about small business, training, and passion. We offer courses across the spectrum of self-defense and entrepreneurship.

Are you interested in owning a small business that enriches peoples’ lives?