First: The only sure way to win in a violent confrontation is to avoid the confrontation altogether. Second: A gun is a tool of Last Resort. It is not to be used to resolve petty arguments etc, it is only to protect innocent life that is in imminent and immediate jeopardy.

A firearm is either an equalizer or a threat. In the hands of a potential victim (especially a woman), it levels the field.

The Reality of Violent Confrontations

There are always two sides to a confrontation. The aggressor (criminal) and the victim


In a truly safe world, all law-abiding citizens could carry a gun for self-defense. Where is that world, and how do we get there?

Victims almost always have the ability to avoid conflict and should be taking action to avoid it. By running, they’re taking the path of least resistance. In this setting, it would be almost impossible to do so.


If a criminal really feels threatened, they are likely to feel that they have no choice but to fight. If they do fight, there is a good chance they could win. If they do not fight back, if they choose to run, they could be arrested anyway, so they may feel that they have nothing to lose. When a criminal stays and fights a victim there is usually a weapon involved and that weapon usually is a gun or knife.

Why use a firearm?

A firearm is a tool to be used that is all. In most self-defense situations a pistol is the most likely gun to be used by both the criminal and the victim. The criminal will use the pistol to intimidate initially and start shooting if the situation escalates or if fear takes over. The victim is at a disadvantage from the onset. A gun is usually the only way the victim can defend themselves from the criminal. Pulling the pistol out may cause the criminal to reassess the situation and will cause the criminal to make decisions. You are no longer an easy target. Many criminals will run, others will fight. But the victim now has equality in the use of force.

Knowing how to use a gun

Owning a gun in itself is not going to stop a criminal with the intent to cause harm. In many situations, the self-defense gun of choice is a Pistol. Pulling a pistol out on a criminal during an act of violence is a high-stress situation. This situation must be trained for. Training with your pistol should not just be target practice at a local range. That is only the beginning. Many repetitions of drawing your weapon from concealment and how to shoot from any position must be practiced. It is imperative that you are trained by a professional, so you learn what to practice properly. Learn how to clear malfunctions and how to quickly reload and reassess the situation. Receiving training and practicing will not ensure you will win in a fight, but it builds confidence and skills necessary for you to use to react appropriately.

Choosing the right firearm for self-defense

Many self-defense situations happen away from the home. Most people are not going to carry an AR15 or Shotgun around Walmart. So, the obvious answer for the right type of gun for every day self-defense is a pistol. Especially if you plan to train and work to get your Concealed Carry Permit. There are many variations in the type, size, and caliber (size of the bullet) of pistols. Going to a gun store and asking the guy behind the counter is not always the right way to find the right gun. Knowledge is power and research and training are going to help you make the right decision. Sign up for a basic pistol course and if possible, find one that offers pistol selection as part of the course.


It’s unlikely that the Police are going to be fully funded and have one on every corner anytime soon. There just aren’t enough police around to be everywhere all the time. So, crime and violent crime are still going to happen. The average Police response time nationwide is 6-8 minutes in cities and could be 20 minutes or more in rural areas. Most crimes from start to finish will only last less than 2 minutes. It’s up to the victim and average citizen to defend themselves until the police can get to the scene. Get trained by a certified instructor and get educated on local laws. It could save your life and the lives of your family.