Noble Self Defense, a new franchise opportunity from Noble Franchising Group, offers individuals and companies one-on-one, concierge style self defense training. Their Signature Course, Basic Firearms Safety and Selection, was developed to answer the safety needs of both gun owners and those who want more knowledge about gun safety.

This flagship program is taught in a comfortable environment with a customized schedule in one to two-hour increments for a total of eight hours, with instruction on the following specific areas:

  • Basic firearms safety 101
  • Firearm nomenclature/Cycle of operations
  • How to select the right weapon and accessories
  • Field trip to local firearm store to browse selections
  • Indoor firing range training with selected firearms
  • How to assemble and disassemble your firearm
  • Proper storage and cleaning of weapons
  • Wrap up: Exam and instructor rating

With firearms training for self defense, safety is always the first priority. Individuals and companies who enroll in the Signature Course will be taught best practices of weapons handling and safety. The handling of weapons, from introduction to mastery, requires discipline and proper instruction. Students of the course will be taught the differences of revolvers vs. semi-automatic handguns, with comparative analysis primarily designed to help the student choose an appropriate weapon if desired.

One of the most important aspects to each participant of the Signature Course is selecting the right option for personal protective use. Not everyone is the same when it comes to comfort, style, and the relatability of a weapon. Considerations such as experience, purpose, caliber, accessories, storage and single or multi-person use must play a factor in any final purchasing decision. Following the purchase, a full discussion of required and suggested accessories will be shared.

Before the Signature Course can be completed, enrollees will undergo live-fire training at a local facility. All will be graded on their ability to handle, store, and use the weapon of their choice. The coursework isn’t complete until participants pass an exam and receive an instructor rating and critique.

Noble Self Defense is an attractive franchise concept, operating in one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It’s the perfect way for individuals with previous firearms experience—either military or civilian—to begin an entrepreneurial journey as a business owner sharing their knowledge. The Signature Course offers a complete curriculum of structured coursework in a one-on-one environment for all experience levels, age groups and genders. The genuine appeal of a Noble Self Defense franchise is to provide entrepreneurs with small business ownership opportunities which can help individuals develop income security, work-life flexibility, and meet their financial goals.

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