Noble Self Defense is testing and incorporating a few new fight-back simulators into their self-defense training.

Previously only available to law enforcement and the military, simulator training allows you to put yourself in life-like situations where every decision matters. This new technology drives an entirely new value to self-defense training.

Training is valuable; no matter what. It prepares us for life-or-death situations and allows us to protect ourselves and others, giving us a sense of control. New video simulator technology will allow people to experience the stress and unpredictability that accompanies a risky situation – something that has been difficult to recreate safely in the past.

It’s no secret that gun ownership provides a sense of security. It’s simple math: having a gun gives someone at least a fighting chance against a home invader, a carjacking, or situations alike. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on guns to discriminate between an innocent person and someone trying to hurt us. Instead of relying on intuition, simulator training allows people to practice firearm safety while maintaining composure, despite high-stress situations.

Think of a professional athlete for example. The environment at practice is much different from the environment at a game, in front of thousands of people; and sometimes they choke. The same can be said about a situation where a person may have to defend themselves. In conclusion, it is safer and more effective to practice as if a situation were real, and simulator training is the best and safest way to do so, considering the absence of live rounds.

Simulator training technology has been used by Law Enforcement Officers, FBI Agents, and even the NRA. By facilitating the experience of a dangerous environment without the risk of injury, this new technology allows people to be better equipped for the job at hand, whether that be clearing a room, taking down a suspect, or defending oneself. This technology has allowed for better knowledge retention on firearm safety basics, lesser risks, and overall improvement of the effectiveness of training.

Operating a firearm requires personal responsibility, physical discipline, and confidence – these may become incredibly difficult to maintain during a high-stress situation. With new simulator technology, the proper operation of a firearm under stressful situations can be taught, practiced, and maintained without the risk of accidental injury from live rounds. You may be confident using a firearm, but are you ready to defend yourself in a high-stress situation?

“This technology will take our training to the next level. We see this being used in all of our training courses.” – Donald H Noble, Founder.

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