I get asked this question quite often. The simple answer is yes. There are few training systems on the market that will teach you the basics of firearms safety and then help you select the right weapon for your needs. Most people go to a gun store and ask the clerk questions. This is like going to a car dealership with no idea what you want or need and asking the salesperson to teach/ help you. You almost never get what you would have if you were educated first.

Doing research online can result in mixed or conflicting results. Taking a class in person is by far the best option. But what class should I take, you ask? Well, that again creates more questions. Most instructors have a CCW/ basic pistol course. I personally believe that this is not the first course that anyone should take. I do not believe that the first formal training that you have will allow you to always carry a weapon with you that you may have to use in an incredibly stressful situation with so little training. Do not miss understand me, I do not want a restriction by the government. I want us to be smarter about our decisions and take personal responsibility. We have all seen that new person with a weapon and were uncomfortable with their safe handling at a range or even just the way they carried the weapon.

The NRA has options and some good certifications. However, many people do not learn in group settings. Some feel intimidated when asking a question. Some people will not ask a question in a group setting. I recommend finding an individualized or one on one class. The instructor can tailor the training to your individual needs and spend extra time on the area’s that you need the most assistance learning.


Noble Self Defense has made a name for itself because of this very thought process. All individual training is one on one, concierge-level training. Noble Self Defense trainers also schedule the training around your schedule. You do not have to plan a weekend at the range unless you want to. Noble Self Defense trainers can come to you over several days to break up the 8 hours of training. Schedule your training today at www.nobleselfdefense.com/courses

written by: Clint MacMiller, President of Noble Self Defense. Retired US Army First Sergeant, Ranger qualified 3 combat tours, former Police officer, and former US Marine. Clint has been training self-defense for over 25 years in the armed forces and is passionate about training and safety.