Due to attendee requests, we moved our discovery day to June 26th.



Have you considered starting your own small business or buying a franchise, but do not know where to start. Why not start here?

My name is Don Noble and I have successfully mentored over 100 businesses and non-profits in my career. Now I want to help others build and grow a successful small business.

Whether you want a part-time supplemental income source or want to build a large organization with employees, my team and I are here to help. Sign up for our next discovery day and even if you choose not to franchise with us, I promise you will leave with at least one piece of information that will help you start a business.

In fact, our discovery day is almost a mini-business class. So, bring your questions and I will answer them live.

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Noble Self Defense is one of the industry’s most exciting disruptor concept franchises, so naturally, we know a thing or two changing the market. If you are a prospective franchisee or just someone learning about the industry, the industry might be baffling to you. What, after all, are you to make of “Discovery Day” and other related jargon? Below, we see where Discovery Day came from and why it is such a big deal in the industry.

Discovery Day has its roots in the traditions of the franchising industry. Back in pre-internet days, information on franchises was mainly spread through TV, radio, and print publications, as well as word of mouth. Getting highly detailed information often entailed making an actual trip to the franchise’s corporate headquarters or talking to a company representative. Discovery Day was a day when a franchise would bring in prospective franchisees and talk with them face to face. In the internet age, detailed information about a franchise’s offerings and details such as running a small business is now available at your fingertips. However, Discovery Day continues, and you might find yourself attending one to learn about a franchise.

As much as Discovery Day is a learning day, you must do your homework ahead of time. Do not assume that the franchise will provide all the information you need to make the best decision. Some questions unique to your situation might not be addressed unless you happen to ask them. Asking the right questions is important to ensure you learn what it is really like running the franchise you have in mind. Some questions you might want to ask to include the franchise’s long-term growth plans, how they support their franchisees, and anything else that could be of material importance.

After Discovery Day, you will have to decide whether running an instruction business or another franchise is right for you. This is a decision only you can make. Some general guidelines can be helpful. First, you need a sober assessment of your finances. Can you afford the fees and startup costs, and, if not, can you arrange suitable financing for the opportunity? Next, compare your values to those of the franchise you are considering. Ideally, there should be a match. If you value community and helping others, for example, your prospective franchisor should value these things as well.

If you have an interest in self-defense, weapons, or just teaching others, you will want to know about Noble Self Defense. We have one of the industry’s most exciting franchise opportunities for those looking to enter the industry. Our franchise opportunities are great for budding entrepreneurs looking for a proven business model powered by a brand with strong appeal for all. Our training classes, given in concierge one-on-one instructions, are popular with individuals who want convenient but highly personalized and private instruction.

The story of Discovery Day continues to this day. As always, it is important to prepare ahead of time. Gather your facts and know what questions you need to be answered before the day you meet a franchise’s officials in person.

If the idea of owning an exciting franchise sounds appealing to you, contact us today to learn about our available opportunities!