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Have you considered starting your own small business or buying a franchise, but do not know where to start. Why not start here?

My name is Don Noble and I have successfully mentored over 100 businesses and non-profits in my career. Now I want to help others build and grow a successful small business.

Whether you want a part-time supplemental income source or want to build a large organization with employees, my team and I are here to help. Sign up for our next discovery day and even if you choose not to franchise with us, I promise you will leave with at least one piece of information that will help you start a business.

In fact, our discovery day is almost a mini business class. So, bring your questions and I will answer them live.

Remember, the number one way to build income security in the United States is by starting a small business. But 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. Why? Because they were not mentored through the early years and had unrealistic expectations of start-up capital and sales potential.

Our Premise:

In 2020, there were 5 million new gun owners in the United States. The majority were women and minorities. The lack of personalized and private training is keeping these new owners from understanding their needs, both safety and security.

Noble Self Defense was founded with the primary purpose of providing concierge-type personal instruction on the safe use, choices, and storing of weapons. However, very quickly, we were asked about other classes, so we developed and continue to develop several classes on the same premise: Rifle and Shotguns for the home, Self-defense for Women sampler course, Situational awareness training, and Active Shooter training for businesses to name a few.

From there, our demand outdid our supply, so we decided to franchise our model. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs, so we designed our model to enable people who normally would not have access to starting a business, to not only start and grow a business but succeed. This provides income self-defense against job loss and income instability.

Our franchise fee is $12,000 with a discount for veterans and their families, first responders, and health care professionals of $2,000. With our franchise fee, we provide 40 hours of training in setting up and running your business, teach you how to find clients, and the actual courses themselves. While a franchisee, you will have the ability to sell any course that we develop and if certified, can teach that course as well.

We anticipate no more than an additional $5,000 to $7,000 for supplies to start teaching. Our Royalties are only 10% and ongoing fees are very low.

Noble Self-Defense envisions a network of Certified Franchised Trainers that can assist one another. Like a trainer model, potential clients can choose who they feel most comfortable with. That referral can go to the original franchisee. If a particular trainer does not want to teach a specific class, they can refer to another trainer.

We are also looking for Regional Area Developers that can take an entire region or metropolitan area for both franchisee development and training providers.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values:


Noble Self Defense’s mission is to provide concierge-level one-on-one self-defense instruction for individuals through services that alleviate fear through our individualized self-defense classes, provide group self-defense instruction for businesses and ease income shortfalls through small business ownership.


Noble Self Defense will be America’s largest creator of small business entrepreneurs.


We will treat each client, franchisee, and business with respect and reverence.

We will ensure that each client, franchisee, and business will have the tools necessary to succeed.

Our franchisees will be:

  • Passionate about self-defense.
  • Inspired to improve their community.
  • Devoted to expanding the network.
  • Faithful to the brand values.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Treat each client, franchisee, and business with reverence.

Bottom Line:

Above all, our witness will be to the power of self-reliance and will ensure a stronger community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have designed a much needed service that can be taught from any location. Our startup costs and our monthly costs are very low with an unlimited upside potential.

Our model is perfect for couples, seniors, single parents, students, and minorities as it enables them to learn how to start a small business and teach others the benefit of self defense.

Our parent company, Noble Self Defense, has an ever growing list of our concierge level one on one courses that help individuals and businesses achieve their own level of self defense. As a franchisee, you can sell any of the courses that we have available. If you take the course and become certified, you can also teach the class and make even more money.

Noble Self Defense has an R&D department developing new courses all the time. See our website for a current and proposed list of our courses.

Unlimited. You can live in Tampa and sell a course in New York City. If you sell the course but cannot provide it, another franchisee or the corporate office will provide the training. You can also refer other franchisees into the network and if they join, you can receive a commission.
Our franchisee fee is $12k. We offer a discount to veterans and their families, first responders and similar individuals. From time to time, we offer discounts on our franchisee fees based on course availability. We estimate that additional costs can range from 5K to 13K for startups. We have tried to get this as low as possible. From there, monthly expenses are low but depend on your effort. We do not require you to have an office, but we do need you to secure training space on as needed basis.

Our royalties are 10% of your gross revenue.

No, our business and your business rely on referral marketing and business development. Why not get paid for your networking.
Absolutely not. We will have email and social media campaigns that generate business leads. We have a call center that receives and dispatches the leads. We want you to succeed, so this is another route for you to generate sales.
1. Sell any training course. You receive 10% of any course sold.

2. Teach a course (whether you sell it or not). You receive 80% of any course taught, whether sold or not.

3. Refer a franchisee that signs up. Again, 10% of the franchise fee if they join.

4. Develop an idea for a new course. Depends on the course, but if you get a request for a course, and we develop it, I will pay you.

Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Give Don a call to talk about your future with Noble Self Defense!


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Sophia Jones

Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Harold Green

Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Grant Harvey

Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Kate Lewis

Avada Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Kelly Johnson

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